High Praise

"That panel made my sick little day, right there..." -Aoi, Japanator

"The Chibi Project was a definite high point for me." -iPittsfield

"Comedy gold!" -Mike Toole, Anime Jump

"Thank you very much for making NDK more fun this year too." -Bekka, Nan Desu Kan 2004 Conchair

"Another highlight of BAMCon..." -iBerkshires

"u r mean to toys but cool" -YouTube Comment

SMPCA5 Winner 2001 Sailor Moon People's Choice Awards winner
Best Web Site, Miscellaneous Category

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Latest Episodes

Episode 216: The Chibi Project - Piccolo vs. Dremel
Piccolo from Dragonball Evolution is the latest victim as Patrick rips him to dust with a Dremel at AnimeIowa 2012.

Episode 215: The Chibi Project - Nintendo Game Boy vs. Dremel
Live at PortConMaine 2012, we took a Dremel with a drill bit and put it against old video game players.

Episode 214: The Chibi Project - Bootlegs vs. Bonfire
When our theme composer decided to burn his law school notes, we took this as an opportunity to finally burn those bootlegs!

Episode 213: The Chibi Project - Sailor Moon vs. Saw Max
Live at BAMCon 2012, PatrickD and Jekka test their new Dremel Saw Max against Sailor Moon and other anime toys.

Episode 212: The Chibi Project - Ryo-Ohki vs. Our Fans
To celebrate our 50th experiment and the 10th year of Anime Boston, some of our fans got to be a little hands-on.

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