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About The Chibi Project

The Chibi Project is a web site that was created in 1999 to document the ongoing process of attempts to destroy a small Chibi Moon figure. In December 1998, Lizzard bestowed a PVC plastic Chibi Moon figure upon PatrickD. She had received it as part of a set of Sailor Moon characters and didn't want Chibi Moon. She gave it to him with the instructions, "Do whatever you want to it. Stomp on it if you want to." She then proceeded to bring her boot's heel down on Chibi Moon's face. Nothing happened. Patrick vowed to finish the job.

The following February, Patrick brought Chibi Moon out to nearby commuter rail tracks just before a train was scheduled to arrive. Shortly after snapping a "Before" photo, the train arrived. After it left the station, Chibi Moon was found to be mostly unharmed. She had suffered only minor scrapes. The results were posted on a small web site and The Chibi Project was born.

By late 2002, after many other experiments, it became apparent that Chibi Moon wouldn't hold up to much more testing. She was now in multiple pieces and her face was gone. It was time to move on to other anime toys. With these "side projects", The Chibi Project would not need to worry about what was left in the end and could go to extremes. The first test was conducted on Burning Gundam because, honestly, he was just asking for it with a name like that!

Starting at Anime Boston 2003, The Chibi Project started doing live convention appearances featuring video footage from past experiments and occasionally a live experiment. Other conventions have since invited The Chibi Project to appear and run a panel, exposing yet more people to the wonders of The Chibi Project. If you would like to see The Chibi Project at a convention near you, refer to our FAQ for Conventions.

In the fall of 2006, The Chibi Project began publishing video footage of experiments as a video podcast. The first two episodes recap the initial experiments on Chibi Moon. Starting with episode 3, each episode usually covers a single experiment. Our new scientist, Jekka, made her first appearance in this episode.

The Chibi Project is a supporter of No Stomach for Cancer. Consider making a donation today to support research and unite the caring power of people worldwide affected by stomach cancer.

The colors at the top of The Chibi Project's web site are periwinkle (the color designated for stomach cancer awareness) and teal (the color that first inspired the mission of No Stomach for Cancer).


Chief Scientist
PatrickD is the founder of The Chibi Project and has been involved in all but three experiments. He is also in charge of maintaining the web site as well as directing and editing each podcast episode. PatrickD is the creator of and and one of the founders of Anime Boston. He currently works for TWiT in Petaluma, California.


Chief Scientist
Jekka is a regular host of the podcast. Her first podcast appearance is in episode 3 and she has made regular podcast and convention appearances since then, contributing most of our songs and bloopers along the way. Jekka is also the creator and writer of Seraphic, a science fiction web comic with wings!


Chief Scientist
Lizzard was the person who dontated the original Chibi Moon and conducted the first unofficial test. She played a major role along the way in experiments like Pikachu, Chii, and even got engaged about an hour after helping blend Ken-ohki!
"Fuck cancer. Fuck it hard."
   -Lizzard (July 15, 2015


Musician / Scientist
DJ KTF not only created both of our theme songs and the credits music, but has been featured in several experiments as well. He made his first appearance when he chainsawed Sailor Soldiers and later the intro to episode 18 and running the snowblower in episode 209


Jon's involvement with The Chibi Project started with spinning Beyblade tops. Since then, he has participated in serveral other experiments. He can be seen in episode 4's experiment footage and his first co-host appearance is in episode 5.
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Elizabeth is a member of the AnimeCons TV crew that joined our team when she helped with the curling iron. She also did the filming during the Blendtec Blender test.


Weapons Expert
Buford has been a consultant for The Chibi Project since very early on. He got his chance to step into the spotlight when we needed to seek revenge on Megaman and shot Megaman to pieces. He will appeared at our Anime Boston 2009 panel in episode 202.


NeoAlus came on board for our DeLorean experiment in the summer of 2001. He claimed he was moving to Texas in December of that year, but he has not been heard from since. We suspect he may have travelled back to the future. profile