The Chibi Project

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Date: 2001-02-24
From: "ted"

if only the entire internet were as perfectly conceived and executed as this site. oh well, i guess then we'd all disappear in a flash of light, so maybe it's ok...

you guys are smart, talented and obviously idealistic also, what with the tireless slicing and burning away at evil. try not to become cynical and defeated in later life, as i can see a rocky road ahead for you in corporate america.

actually, i kinda like chibimoon, but since you are merely following your ideals, i won't fault you for conducting destructive testing on her.

carry on,

Our Response

Wow! Okay, I think I see one of our scientists blushing over in the corner.

Actually, all of us are already in "corporate America". The road's not exactly smooth, but we're doing okay.

-Chief Scientist PatrickD