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Date: 2001-03-09
From: "SuperG"


I'm a top scientist over in Scotland performing destructive testing of many evil items that happen to get in my way. A couple of suggestions might be hot concentrated sulphuric acid, bit given that it's constructed from PVC, you'll probably find this beast to possess just too much evil for even this corrosive medium. I'm certain a quick dip in carbon tetrachloride would do the trick though. You should be able to get this from most chemists.

Must go, I've an evil barbie doll to dispose of.


Our Response

I went to the local chemist, but he didn't have any sulphuric acid or carbon tetrachloride. Well, he said he was a chemist and I did see him mixing strange liquids. Although, I'm beginning to wonder how legitimate he is because he was pouring Guinness too. I can't complain though...some of those "secret formulas" he gave me were pretty good.

-Chief Scientist PatrickD