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Date: 2001-06-14
From: "Southpark_207"
Subject: You are a sad sad person...

don't you have anything better too do besides [expletive]ing up a cute little plastic anime figure.
go to school do something with your life

Our Response

Thank you, but I think my master's degree is enough. In any event, unlike you I have better things to do than cruise web sites in the weekday afternoons and get offended by the satirical scientific "study" of a hunk of cheap plastic.

Did it occur to you that it's hard to take your unwanted and feeble lectures seriously when you're using a lame freemail account? Christ, get a job so you can afford yourself a real email address. At the very least, try getting an account without the name "South Park" in it. Your maturity level is showing.

I think you're late for recess, kid. You are dismissed.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard