The Chibi Project

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Date: 2000-12-27
From: "scientist"

7 days ago i bought a chibi moon doll thingy. I left it on top of the t.v for 4 days. starring at me i got scared. after many anti-sites I saw there was one site that caought my intreast. So i did some teasting. the chibi moon doll was flat. actually it was a magnet. I wanted to see what would happen if heat & steam came across her body. so i took a frying pan,and put it on the stove. the heat was on high and soon i put chibi moon face down on the pan. I noticed eviel smoke around her body. I had to wear a mask because of it's toxic gas. when i turned the heat off chibi's head was compleatly melted. the pan turned pink and my kitchen smells like tar. sorry i have no picture becaouse i have no digital camra.

what i noticed: she is pure eviel and trys to kill me by just realeasing gas. she smells. my pan is pink. i got into a lot of trouble. she still sticks to my refrigorater. and scares my baby brother at dinner time.<

thank you for your time.

Our Response

Kids, please don't try this at home without adult supervision! Not only could you get into trouble with your parents, but you might burn your house down if you use the stove incorrectly. (If you don't believe me, go play "The Sims" and see for yourself!)

-Chief Scientist PatrickD