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Date: 2001-10-02
From: "Sana Jisushi"
Subject: :b

I am a complete and total Chibiusa fan. All I can say is, sadly, the anti-anti-Chibi flames on your site were, compared to most stuff I've seen, pathetic. No offense to anyone, but apparently someone's had too much caffiene. Either that or they have rabies. :b >_< How can people learn to defend the Great Pink-Haired One in order to actually *DO* anything making-a-difference-wise?

Top Ten Signs You're Too Rabid Of A Chibimoon Fan To Stop Yelling and Start Being Constructive

1. You think every anti-Chibi site has some association with the evilness that is CURE. Cure shut down, ne?
2. You think this site isn't even funny. (I'm a *TOTAL* Chibimoon fan and I still think it's pretty funny... except for that "Please vote for us!" campaign.)
3. You type your letter in all caps
4. You suggest the senshi you hate to replace poor Chibi (I don't hate any senshi, but I detest Ann. I haven't seen any Ann dolls around anyways.)
5. You don't actually even LOOK at the site before flaming
7. You cry seeing the current state of TCP's Chibimoon doll (I tell you, that girl is getting worse daily)
8. You don't just go flame an ACTUAL Anti-Chibiusa site instead of a funny site about those chibi-dolls!
9. You didn't think the Chibi Witch Project test was hilarious.
10. Your medical tests show you have rabies. :P

There ^^

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