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Date: 2001-10-05
From: "Tsu"
Subject: hum. ya..nice

nice site the design. are u guys from a web design backgroud?the site is great.i find the content rather funny and sarcastif but hey it is all good.

altho i was wondering for the train test, wasn't it dangerous? i mean could it have caused the train to derail or something?
and i hope u guys are not using the grilling machine anymore =) i don't think it is good to eat molten PVC with ur steak. anyhoo. keep up with the humour creativity, and the cosplay.

Our Response

I'm from a web design background, but the fall of the American economy has left me begging for change on street corners and hoping that Chibi Project fans would see it in their hearts to be kind enough to buy products through our banner ads so that we can make a few dollars in commissions and afford to buy some soup and moldy bread.

As for the high speed train test, it wasn't too dangerous. We put Chibi Moon on the track and stepped back to watch. It couldn't cause the train to derail. Trains way tons and tons. It takes a lot to cause a two Chibi Moons.

By the way, my steak tastes good.

-Chief Scientist PatrickD