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Date: 2001-10-09
From: "Elisa"
Subject: Nice!

Hey, nice site! I got a good laugh browsing through it, and I can't wait until you come up with more experiments 8) Maybe, for some future ones, you could stab Chibi Usa repeatedly or let a dog chew on her for awhile or something...anyway, good luck!

BTW, I think you guys should win the AQ'a award! Your the best site in your class. =)

Our Response

Everybody and their cousins wants to see us feed Chibi Moon to a dog. What is it with you people? That's too cruel to a poor, unsuspecting animal. We will not feed Chibi Moon to a dog! Ever! Yet we still get at least one request to feed Chibi Moon to a dog every week. Wondering what common requests we get that we'll probably never do?

  1. Feed her to a dog
  2. Drop her in acid
  3. Drop her from a tall building or airplane
  4. Electrocute her (she's would be pointless)
  5. Make her have to watch "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn"
There has been one test that was performed but never mentioned before. At Otakon 2001, several regulars of Anime on DVD were diving for her in the Hyatt pool. I guess that's the Chlorine Test. It's also the first time she was washed since the Freezing Test. (You'd be surprised how many people get the urge to stick her in their mouths too.)

...and, yeah. We think we should win the Sailor Moon People's Choice Award too. I hope you placed a vote for us!

-Chief Scientist PatrickD