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Date: 2001-11-07
From: "Bob U."
Subject: Need instruction


I am new to Anime.
I frequent Tokyo Kid in Cambridge, MA and have ordered some fansubs.

I have many questions when I watch anime - some from not understanding Japanese culture, some from being dense and some because I'm new. I have watched about 800 animes and still have not watched many that are not easy to obtain.

FLCL, Nausicaa, last episodes of Maison Ikkoku, etc.

Mike, Andrew, and Daisy at Tokyo Kid are wonderful and answer some questions but they are trying to make a living, so I don't bother them too much.

I need an Anime Sensei!!

Any suggesstions?


Bob U.

Our Response

You're "new to Anime" but you've "watched about 800"? I'm confused. If you're new and just watched 800 episodes (or hours or whatever), maybe you're just suffering from overload. Go take a shower and go out for a walk. Let some of it sink in before you go on.

-Chief Scientist PatrickD