The Chibi Project

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Date: 2001-01-06
From: "Venga Ver"

You guys are crazy, can I have your job!!
Seriously, you guys seem like you have the funnest job ever!!
When I grow up I wanna be just like you!

Our Response

Are you sure you want to be just like me? That would mean you would a 6'6" freak with size 15 feet. Sure, that might sound good at first...but try to buy clothes and it gets difficult.

However, if you really want a fun job like this, make sure you stay in school, study hard, and stay away from drugs. Then, someday, you'll be working in remote branch of a large, faceless corporation for pennies a day and will eventually become frustrated with your Pointy Haired Boss™. We recommend taking out your aggression on a little pink toy...just like we did.

As for pay? Well, that's what the coffee cup marked "tips" is for. It currently contains two screws, four paperclips, a couple pennies, and some pocket lint.

-Chief Scientist PatrickD