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Date: 2001-11-22
From: "Meika"
Subject: Are you interested in a Kon?

Umm.......... K, I feel really stupid doing this, but I think that's part of being an otaku. ANYWAY, I think it's pretty much safe to assume you are all American, and have probably never heard of Canada. K, I'm being mean now. (^_^;) Anyway, I was looking at your convention page, and noticed that NONE of them were in Canada. Which sucks, since you're missing out on a lot. Anyway, my anime club (no I'm not on the staff........yet) hold an annual convention in the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, North of North Dakota. *ahem* I am inviting/telling you to come to Ai-kon. It's sometime in the one month of summer we get. I think it'll be in July this year. Anyway, if you can come down, come! If you want anymore information, jsut e-mail me, s'il vous plait. And no, it won't be held in an igloos. Polar bear piss has a nasty tendancy to melt them. Anyway, if you are even remotly considering coming, e-mail me for more info, eh? Just come, bring ChibiMoon, and have fun. Last year we got to see the North American Premiere of the Ah! Megami-sama OVA. Come and check it out!

My, that sounds pathetic.


Our Response

Yes, we're all Americans at The Chibi Project, but we have some very good friends up in Canada. In fact, one of them was at Ai-Kon dressed as Li Shaolan from Card Captor Sakura.

Unfortunately, we haven't heard any news on another Ai-Kon and it's missing from our 2002 anime convention listing. If they decide to hold it again, we'll certainly consider attending.

Just to prove we have no hard feelings against you wacky Canadians (even after giving us Celene Dion), I plan to attend Anime North in Toronto in 2002. You can also expect to see myself and/or other Chibi Project representatives at Anime Mid-Atlantic, Anime Expo, and Otakon. Plus, is helping to organize Anime Boston in 2003! Now THAT'S planning ahead!

-Chief Scientist PatrickD