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Date: 2001-12-28
From: "Hannah"
Subject: May I just ask...

What evil has this doll done? Your experiments show me that you have ALOT of time on your hands. Its a doll! It has no brain.ITS PLASTIC!!!!!!Are you 10?Oh and tell me what do your experiments mean?

You E-mailed Again:

Do one of your experiments on a digimon toy!They bug me.There ugly.I hate that show.I don't like pokemon that much,but at least the games are cool.They look plain werid freaks of nature.Well i know your busy.But just reply ok?It will make me very happy.And if you don't I'll insult your site.I have many comments,bad ones.

You E-mailed Yet Again:

Give her to O.B.L.(osama bin Laden)if he can blow up the world trade centers he cane defentley blow up a simple peice of non-evil plastic.Got something to say about what i said well BITE ME BITE ME MUHAHAHAHA I'LL BITE BACK I WILL I WILL I WILL HAHA MUHAHA!!!!

You E-mailed AGAIN:

if you really beliver that chibi-usa was evil,then you wouldn't even think of bringing such a "evil being"into the house of god or put her in holly water blessed by a priest oh you must think im some holly nut i'm not i just thaught of it when i read this
"you guys are nutso! you spend your days torturing a small piece of garishly colored PVC in hopes of ridding it of the evils of it's existance as a host for a piece of Chibi Moon's evilness. DID YOU EVER KNOW THAT YOU'RE MY HEROES?!?! anyhoo, try exposing Chibi Moon to a source of holy something-or-other; it might vrive away the evil demons!
you said
"We We considered submerging her in holy water, but we figured she'd just pee in it. submerging her in holy water, but we figured she'd just pee in it."so you considered it then my point is very clear.Also how can a plastic toy pee it doesn't have a blater (excause my spelling i suck at spelling body parts)

...and Yes, You E-mailed Again:

I read one of your replies you say you have a master's degree i find that hard to belive #1)if you really had a master's degree why would you waist your time tring to blow up a doll!Wouldn't you do something better with you live?#2)If you have a master's degree then why do you do "babyish"expriments with a doll!!!!My aunt has a master's degree and she's out finding a cure for cancer not blowing up a doll!!#3)you said is one of your replies Acetal copolymer, Delrin, Celcon... Nope, none of those in our lab. They don't sell those at the grocery store, do they
if you had a master's degree you wouldn't be buying you tools from a grocery store and #4)one of you said "As for pay? Well, that's what the coffee cup marked "tips" is for. It currently contains two screws, four paperclips, a couple pennies, and some pocket lint."a person with a master's degree wouldn't be geting that kind of pay.Well maybe you do have one probley not but if you do and you get paid like that i'm not surprised people don't really care if you blow up a little doll.Oh and if you do have a master's degree and your blowing up dolls your a total and complete NUT

Our Response

I'm going to go to a convention in costume as Renamon, a Digimon, just to spite you.

-Chief Scientist PatrickD

You may have somehow missed this, but more than one person works on this site. The site was made by a team of people. Whenever one of us has time, we add a little to the page. It's all in the name of humor and making people smile. Sailor Moon fans love us -- we even just won a fan's choice award.

Read the names at the bottom of all the comments. I did not write the response about the tips and pocket lint -- that was written by another, and he happens to be unemployed. He jokes about it because otherwise he would cry. Now then. The degree response you're referring to was written by me. Yes, I have a masters. I'm not finding a cure for cancer, but based on your writing style, I'd wager the kids I work with are about the same age as you are. That's why I'm going to be kind. I'll say this once, and I'll say it gently.

The site was done for humor. The site is not meant to be taken seriously. And if you don't stop bombarding us with obnoxious emails, I am going to report you to AOL and get your account revoked. Understand? Thank you.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard