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Date: 2002-01-07
From: "Justin"
Subject: Dude!!! I NEED A SUIT!!!

DUDE!!! Seriously!! I've looked everywhere for a "vash the stampede" suit from the Anime trigun and I can't find one!!! I was looking over the site and I saw all the Trigun suits and I was like "Awesome". I loved to dress up ever since I was 5 and pretend everything!! I was always imaginative and still am. I'm 15 years old and I respect Cosplay and was hoping I could get into it. And everytime I try I...cant find anywhere! I'm lost!!! If anyone could e-mail me back I would love to talk! I'll pay a good price for the suit!!! I love it! Oh, and I searched Ebay for one but only found the sunglasses, but I want the whole suit, and even the gun. A replica of course, that DOESN'T fire but the revolver turns and the hammer pulls back and such. anyhow! please e-mail me back!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

-Fan of Cosplay, Justin.-

Our Response

The photos on the site aren't samples of things we have for sale. They're just photos from conventions we've attended. So we don't have Trigun cosplay outfits to sell you. Do a search online and you will find plenty of people willing to make you a cosplay outfit, though -- for a price. Most cosplay outfits are custom made for the individual, not sold ready-to-wear, so you're not very likely to find a brand new and complete Vash costume for sale and ready to ship. Occasionally used cosplay outfits do appear on eBay, though, as you noticed. Good luck.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard