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Date: 2002-01-25
From: "Arlene"
Subject: Wher are you Sailor Moon?

I love your show Sailor Moon, and looked for a site with information on it, well it's you site. But one thing I didn't find out is why you aren't showing it on Toonami, why? When will you be? And if you won't show it on Toonami, where else can I find the show
From your fan

You E-mailed Again:

If you destroy ChibiMoon dolls, why can't you destroy Barbie dolls? Give me the recipie!!!! Why are you doing this to ChibiMoon doll's anyway? You would think of quitting the show, even the whole thing!!!! Is your life devoted to this? Just wondering.

Our Response

Dear, we have absolutely NOTHING to do with Toonami or the airing of Sailor Moon on television. We're a fan site. We're fans. Like you. Almost all of the Sailor Moon sites on the web (and there are approximately 47,832,354,233,533,211 of them) are fan sites. Just because it's in print online doesn't mean it's official. Any semi-conscious bonehead with computer terminal can publish on the internet. Our site is a perfect example of this, only we're not semi-conscious. We're often totally unconscious due to over-indulgence in wine and mind-numbing Pokemon episodes.

As for whether or not we have devoted our lives to this, yes, we have. The scientists of this site do nothing all day but torture plastic dolls. We don't eat, or bathe, or work, or have social lives, or walk our dogs or anything. We are completely and utterly devoted to irking a plastic figure. ... Not. Come on, get real. It takes about half an hour to make a web site if you know what you're doing. We don't have to "devote our lives" to it. I fail to understand why people keep asking us if we ever do anything else all day. Everyone has at one point or another pissed away a half hour or so with a fun hobby. Why does everyone think there are only two options -- obsession and complete disinterest? There is a middle ground, and we're it. We're so mediocre and ambivalent that it hurts.

This has been your friendly neighborhood staffer, reminding you to use your head and critical thinking skills before you write to webmasters.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard