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Date: 2002-05-27
From: "______________"
Subject: question


i would like to admit that i am a sailor moon fan and for some reason i came upon anti-sites. the reason is this: i think they're funny! i mean, think of all those crazy retard "moonies" who kiss sm's ass! they adore a cartoon, and they seem to actually think they're real! but i would like to ask one question: why do all the anti's want to put anti sailor moon sites on? is it just to provoke all the fans so that you can prove how stupid they are (which they actually might not be, they're just showing their support) and read their "flames" or hatemail or whatever? or is it the fact that they're just so dedicated to their work of hatig a cartoon? an anime? in my opinion it's kind of dumb. also, how did anti's learn so much about sailormoon? one often thought of answer for this question is "well, sailor moon's all over the place! what can we do? we've got to stop it!....etc....." i mean, sailormoon isn't all over the place unless you're in japan or a surrounding country. i mean i swear, i haven't seen a sailor moon show in the last year because it's been cancelled by anti's like you. it's so obnoxious to send letters saying you hate sailormoon. you destroy other people's happiness, plus it's selfish. sailor moon is one out of the few examples that teach little girls who view the show woman power. ok i guess i went off on a rant there, but please answer because i don't get it!
k bye

Our Response

If you think anti-SM sites had anything to do with the show being taken off TV, you're incredibly ignorant. The show ran its full course, and was rerun multiple times! The only reason they didn't air the reruns for the twenty billionth time was to make room for other shows. Television series can't be rerun indefinitely. Christ, not everyone needs to watch a show fifty times -- and if they do, there's that wonderful invention called DVD and video.

As for us being dumb, selfish, obnoxious, and destroying people's happiness -- the site is for humor, for god's sake. H-U-M-O-R. Besides, we actually are Sailor Moon fans. We're poking fun at the show we love, not because we hate it, but because we enjoy some good-natured teasing, just as you probably tease your siblings.

I might add that we never take the initiative to start a fight. Our site does not attack people who hold different opinions. Nowhere in the primary site content will you find any such language or behavior. We only "flame" those who send us aggressive and rude letters, like yours -- and we only do it in the feedback forum, where it is appropriate.

Before you get your knickers in a knot about how rude this response is to you, take a moment and reflect upon the fact that YOU are the one who came to our site and then sought us out via email to insult us and blame us for the lack of Sailor Moon reruns. YOU are the one who came out swinging. Real nice. You'll have to pardon us for wanting to defend ourselves rather than just sit back and take your pansy-ass spanking.

Take some Valium and call back when you learn not to take everything so seriously.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard