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Date: 2002-07-31
From: "Cyberchick Suzy"
Subject: I have a couple of questions

I have a few questions to ask the scientists. Is this a site that doesn't like Sailor Moon or something? If you think I am stupid I'll tell you why I ask this question. I was looking for some Sailor Moon sites and I saw this one. I didn't know what it meant so I decided to ask the scientists. Is this like a joke for people who hate a tv show???? If so, why waste money to do something like this?? It isn't really interesting to me. I think it is rather cruel to critisize the show and characters. If this isn't what it's about, then what is it??????

Our Response

  1. Yes, it's a joke.
  2. We're not "wasting money" as you claim. We got the doll for free, and the tests themselves don't cost anything. Just because we made a web site about it doesn't mean our entire lives are absorbed by this -- much less our pocketbooks.
  3. If it's not interesting to you, then you needn't visit the site. We have thousands of highly interested fans that DO like to come by for a chat and a bit of destruction. Different tastes are what makes the world go round -- if this isn't your cup of tea, then move on.
  4. How in the world is it cruel to criticize cartoon characters? They're not real, and they don't have feelings that will get hurt. The site isn't even malicious. As stated before, it's a joke. If there are people out there who will feel abused and persecuted because our site pokes some good-natured fun at a character they like, then they're not mature enough to be browsing the Internet unsupervised.

There are plenty of truly puzzling web sites out there. Ours isn't one of them. We're pretty straightforward about what we're doing and why. But hopefully this cleared things up for you.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard