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Date: 2002-08-02
From: "Miranda"
Subject: awesome site!

What a cool site idea! i really congratulate you guys. Chibi Moon isn't my personal favorite, but I don't really care who you use. Your tests are hilarious! I too own (well...owned) a chibi moon figurine-thingy, and after i saw your site, i came up with my own test. i think you guys should see what happens after you perform this test...since Chibi is in her charred state.

I took a the same type of chibi moon figurine from her present state (the back of my closet) to my kitchen. I prepared an apple pie, and once i had put all the apple filling in, I stuck Chibi in the middle. I proceeded to bake this pie, and when I sliced it open, I found Chibi, covered with apple goo. No real noticieable damage, but then again, I'm still cleaning her off.

Another idea: Stick her in the dishwasher. Or drop her down a chimmmey.

Thanks for the laughs,

Miranda K.

p.s. Note to the idiots flaming you because you are commiting "child abuse" or "Chibi-UsA is a kewl character, u r a freak, I HOPE U DROP DEAD, SHES KEWL, CHIBI-USA IS NICE, U FREAKS! WHAT DO U HAVE AGAIST A INNOCENT KID LIKE THAT!?" My response to that idiocracy: IT'S A FREAKING SHOW. NOT REAL!

Our Response

Chibi figure in pie. I kind of like that idea. It would be like the baby Jesus figure in Mardi Gras cakes. Besides, who doesn't like pie? Mmmm, pie.

Added bonus -- if I do the cooking of the pie, it will most likely result in a kitchen fire and the energetic dialing of 911.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard