The Chibi Project

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Date: 2002-09-08
From: "..__.."
Subject: ???

Do you think you can send me one of those dolls? And by the way I'm the one who told you to not find out about that nasty e-mail I sent you last night.So if you would be so kind as to reply to this e-mail because that would really make me happy.Why you ask?,I'll tell tell you as soon as you reply.By!

Our Response

Uh, no, we can't send you one of the dolls. We don't have the budget to be sending people free toys.

As for the rest of it, no offense, but we don't remember your other message -- we get waaaaaaaaaaay too much mail to keep track of every writer.

Hope we at least made you happy by replying. Yay, good karma for us. Maybe. Can we get into heaven now?

-Chief Scientist Lizzard