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Date: 2002-09-08
From: "Emily"
Subject: A few suggestions


I just re-discovered this site, and I'd like to commend you on your creativity. I hope you don't let the inane criticism in your comments section get you down (I'm sorry, but if you can't spell, you have no business insulting others).

Here are a few other suggestions for ChibiMoon:
1) You mentioned no guns, but what about a BB gun? The high powered pellets could do some serious damage!
2) Submersion in a natural body of water. I was doing field work this summer, and we submerged traps and stuff in a lake for a month at a time, and you get some really nasty interesting things happening there. It may not damage Chibi, but you might get some grime build-up.
3) An electrical sander. 'Nuff said.
4) Drop her in a mixture of ammonia and bleach, but wear a gas mask since that makes homemade mustard gas.

Keep it up, and I hope you don't mind if I link your site.


Our Response

The criticism doesn't get us down. In fact, we're amused how many people get so upset that we're messing up a cheap plastic toy. You'd think we were conducting the experiments on their personal property or something.

To answer your suggestions:
1) Guns are guns. We don't have any. Actually, Buford does...but they're for his own protection.
2) We already put Chibi in water for the freezing test and it didn't do much. Chibi Moon has also gone "swimming" at the Hyatt pool at Otakon 2001. ...and she was put through a washing machine. I don't think keeping her under water would do much. Kinda boring, actually.
3) An electric saw wasn't enough?
4) As much as some people may like it, we're not going to poison ourselves with mustard gas.

Go ahead and link to us. That's what those link buttons are for.

-Chief Scientist PatrickD