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Date: 2002-09-14
From: "Wouldn't you like to know"
Subject: What's with you?

You stink. Just because Chibi Usa has red eyes dosen't mean she's evil. And what's up with the wannabe blair which project? PLEASE tell me why you think she's evil, so I can prove you wrong. Anime and Manga are to be treated with respect which, may I add, YOU DO NOT SHOW!!!! And don't say you ARE Anime and Manga fans, because I don't want to hear that. What I want to hear is why you think Chibi Usa is evil. I mean Chibi Usa means Small Rabbit...

P.S. The bunny ears on her head DO NOT I repeat DO NOT symbolize devil horns. And if you think they do, you are against rabbits.

Our Response

I love rabbits. It's people like you that I don't like.

I really don't want to waste my time writing up a reply to you, but your message was just so foolish that I had to post it so everyone could make fun of you. One reason that The Chibi Project is so popular is because people love to come and read the stupid e-mail we get. Thanks for helping us out by giving us another message worthy of addition to our collection.

-Chief Scientist PatrickD