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Date: 2003-07-17
From: "dani"
Subject: oooookkkkkkkkk

im just wonderin how does hating somethin and torturing a doll of it, help prove that u guys are sain? well, im not insultin u guys to much ( i like salior moon) but how is it possible that u guys dont have shrinks callin u up all the time? no offence. alright, that was kinda mean, but just y!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Our Response

Oh my GOD, Patrick, I forgot that the point of our web site was to PROVE WE ARE SANE! How could we have forgotten that crucial part of our mission statement? What have we been doing with our lives? I'm going to sit right here and wait for those "shrinks" to call me, since according to our esteemed reader, that is what they do. Thank goodness we have people like him to help us.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard