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Date: 2003-12-17
From: "D-chan"
Subject: The Tsubasa Con

Are you coming to the Tsubasa Con in 2004? It will be the first-ever West Virginian anime convention and I think it would be great if you came! I wanna meet ChibiUsa and her decimaters (is decimaters a word? One who decimates... uh... maybe... *sweatdrop*) ^_^! The website is at .

Oh and for your side projects, I have an idea, you should experiment on a chibi Tenchi Muyo Kagato figure. Because throwing mine at the wall, attacking it with Ayeka, and drowning it in the pool just isn't enough ^-^

Our Response

Unfortunately, neither of us will be anywhere near West Virginia at that time (unless Scientist Patrick has failed to tell me something important). Best of luck with your con, though.

Kagato would not make a good test subject, I don't think. He is already so ugly that it would be hard to tell experiment damage from natural oog.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard