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Date: 2003-12-23
From: "Leonie"
Subject: Comments & Questions

i can't remember how i came across your site in the first place, but i think it's really good, quite funny and visits a lot~

which leads me to my question - are you against people who want follow in your footsteps and try simelar experiments?

For example, Gundam Lover Misty Yuy has a "outstanding disgust" of Relena Peacecraft From Gundam Wing. Anime Girl Oni (me) was so inspired by your projects, i've decided to use A gashapon Relena to do some experiments of my own.

well i hope you wont mind to much... Leonie ^.^

Our Response

Oh, we mind. WE MIND. Lock and load.

Just kidding. Actually, considering how incredibly lazy Scientist PatrickD and I have gotten about documenting our latest experiments, the more the merrier. The world needs more methodically conducted destruction.

-Chief Scientist Lizzard