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Date: 2011-07-02
From: "William Jones"
Subject: Chibi Project ^^

Hello Chibi Project. My name is William Jones. I have never been to any anime conventions that you guys attend, but I do watch your podcast. You guys are awesome and funny! You make torturing anime action figures very entertaining! I hope you guys continue doing what you do best. Maybe one day I will be able to go to Anime Boston. Or maybe you guys can stop by at AnimeNEXT.

P.S: If you need anymore action figures to destroy, I have a 4"3 inch Kirby, a 3"2 inch Hoho, and a 2"1 1/2 inch Pichu you guys can use. I don't need them.

Our Response

We LOVE getting donations from fans! If you find us at a convention, we'll gladly take these off your hands and destroy them somehow.

-Chief Scientist PatrickD