The Chibi Project

Experiments 1-7

Show Notes

The Chibi Project episode 1:

Experiments 1-7

Running Time: 10:23
Hosted by: PatrickD
Recorded: February 15, 1999 through May 14, 2000
Posted: October 20, 2006

This episode features experiments 1 through 7 as we start The Chibi Project and try to destroy a Chibi Moon toy figure. There are 8 more experiments to go before we move on to other anime toys. This episode features some photos from the original experiments as well as dramatic re-creations of some of the testing. (Yes, we know Patrick says "first eight experiments" in the video, but we decided to hold #8 to be featured first in episode 2.)

Experiment 1: High Velocity Train
Experiment 2: Freezing and Thawing
Experiment 3: Microwaving
Experiment 4: Soldering Iron
Experiment 5: The Chibi (Witch) Project
Experiment 6: Impact
Experiment 7: Hand Sawing

Music in this episode:
"axl k" by K.T.F. Terison -