The Chibi Project

Sailor Chibi Moon / Tar and Feather

Show Notes

The Chibi Project episode 11:

Sailor Chibi Moon / Tar and Feather

Running Time: 18:35
Hosted by: PatrickD and Jekka
Recorded: March 21, 2008
Posted: April 5, 2008

What started out as a suggestion at last year's Chibi Project panel at Anime Boston grew into a full test at this year's panel. Chibi Moon is "tarred" using rubberized driveway crack sealer packaged in a caulking tube. After being covered in black caulk, she is "feathered". At the end of the podcast, The Chibi Project crew answer audience questions and reveal a new voice mail line.

Music in this episode:
"axl k" and "best ever" by K.T.F. Terison -