The Chibi Project

Sailor Venus / Gross Potato

Show Notes

The Chibi Project episode 12:

Sailor Venus / Gross Potato

Running Time: 12:24
Hosted by: PatrickD and Jekka
Recorded: March through November 2006
Posted: June 25, 2008

In episode 4, we stuck Sailor Venus in a potato cannon. After we blew her head off, we called it a day and packed up. Sailor Venus was put in a bag with a leftover potato and brought home...where we forgot about her for NINE MONTHS!

After discovering flies in the kitchen, we found the source: a rotting potato and Sailor Venus! The bag was immediately brought outside in the darkness and the horror was recorded using the nightshot mode. Sailor Venus was hosed off and cleaned up, except for the remaining maggots inside her head.

We're clearly bitter about not even being nominated for a Webby Award, but through a bit of bribing (and stealing of pants), we finally managed to get one of our own. Sure we didn't earn it, but it's ours! HA HA HA! Maybe this will get them to notice us for next year.

We talk about our upcoming appearances at PortConMaine, ConnectiCon, and San Japan. We also answer some e-mails and pimp our new DVDs!

Music in this episode:
"axl k" and "best ever" by K.T.F. Terison -