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The Chibi Project episode 22:

The Cooking Episode

Running Time: 9:53
Hosted by: Jekka and PatrickD
Recorded: November 15, 2008
Posted: November 26, 2008

As a fan of Ctrl+Alt+Chicken, Patrick has wanted to do a cooking episode ever since the start of The Chibi Project Podcast. Now, two years and 22 episodes later, it finally happened!

For this cooking experiment, Jekka was put in charge. She has had a secret recipe for baking cakes using nothing more than a soft drink and cake mix. Take a box of cake mix and pour in a can of soft drink (minus two sips). Mix that up. Next, grease up your cake pan (or two if they're small). Pour in the mix and bake at the recommended temperature.

For this experiment, we placed Mint from Galaxy Angel and Bumblebee from Transformers into the cakes.

We do not recommend placing toys in your cake. They don't help the flavor, don't even get destroyed, and just get all sticky and messy. There was no poisonous smoke coming from the toys and they did not burn. Apparently the temperature needed to bake a cake is not high enough to destroy toys. If the temperature had been higher, the cakes would likely have burned.

Whenever possible, we recommend baking cakes the normal way. In a pinch, Jekka's soda cakes work too. We don't recommend putting toys in cakes since there is no point to it. ...unless, like Bumblebee, it's small enough to be submerged and can surprise someone when they cut into the cake.

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