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What is The Chibi Project?'s scientific laboratories came into the possession of a small PVC figure of the Sailor Moon character known as "Chibi Moon". Upon realizing the high level of pure evil being radiated by this anime figure, our top scientists began to subject the small soldier to a variety of experiments. Having failed to determine a method of destruction, we have since moved on to other test subjects in hope of finding a solution.

High Praise

"...a huge thanks for years of being freaking awesome. We'll miss you guys!" -Anime Herald

"That panel made my sick little day, right there..." -Aoi, Japanator

"The Chibi Project was a definite high point for me." -iPittsfield

"Comedy gold!" -Mike Toole, Anime Jump

"The opportunity to indulge one's darker side (and have a good laugh while doing so) is always well worth the annual attendance." -Mike Ferreira, Anime Herald

"Thank you very much for making NDK more fun this year too." -Bekka, Nan Desu Kan 2004 Conchair

"Another highlight of BAMCon..." -iBerkshires

"u r mean to toys but cool" -YouTube Comment

SMPCA5 Winner 2001 Sailor Moon People's Choice Awards winner
Best Web Site, Miscellaneous Category

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