The Chibi Project

Test 5: The Chibi (Witch) Project

Test Performed: Deep Woods Hike
Test Date: Starting March 6, 1999
Special Conditions: Unknown

In March of 1999, three researchers disappeared in the woods near Lewiston, Maine while shooting a documentary.

Five months later their footage was found.

About one week after performing the infamous soldering iron experiment, three of our scientists headed out in the woods to test Chibi Moon against the elements. They never returned.

Three days after their disappearance, a search party was sent out to find them. According to the notes found in their abandoned company van, they would be heading into the woods in Lewiston, Maine and spend several days hiking to get to various destinations. The Maine State Police called in teams of dogs and a helicopter. Several planes also aided in the search and the goverment did a fly-by with a satellite. There was no trace of the missing researchers. The search was called off after one week.

Five months after they disappeared, a group of Geology students from nearby Bates College discovered an LL Bean backpack that contained several rolls of film, various notes, and damaged video tapes of Sailor Moon SuperS episodes. The film was turned over to local authorities for examination. Copies of some of those photos are published here with related notes.

Grave Day 1 - We stumbled across an old grave site with seven graves marked only with stones. Half-joking about it, we named each of them after the five inner Sailor Soldiers, Chibi Moon, and Tuxedo Mask. John took a picture of Chibi Moon atop "her" grave. Tim seemed a little disturbed at this, but let it pass.
Seeming like a peaceful place (it hasn't bothered these seven mysterious souls yet), we set up camp nearby.

Day 2 - There were strange noises outside our tent last night. John slept through them, but Tim and I heard them. I think it was deer, but Tim swears that it was something that was mad at us for messing with the graves yesterday. He's nuts.

Day 3 - We should have been back by now, but we lost our map somewhere. We can't be far, this is America and everything is overdeveloped...even up here in this hell-hole Maine. We're bound to hit a farm or a highway before long.
We all heard the noises last night. It's probably some stupid drunks locals out getting drunk, riding their ATV's, and whooping up a storm. Tim's not saying anything, but I can tell he's spooked. John keeps saying, "Boo!" and isn't really helping.

Cross Day 4 - They're all pissed at me. We're not back yet and we've pretty much run out of food. I don't get it, we should have found something by now. I mean, how is it possible to walk in the same direction for more than two days and not run into people anything?
At about dusk last night, we found some hanging crosses in trees. They looked like stick figures of people. I pulled one down and took a picture of Chibi Moon on it. It's pretty cool, but Tim and John freaked when they found out I did it. They say that I pissed off whoever's been messing with us at night. I haven't admitted it, but I was pretty freaked out last night too. I'm dreading tonight.

Day 5 - John's gone. Tim and I woke up and there was no sign of him. We looked around and could find no trace of him except for his stuff. After waiting most of the day, we decided that we'd better keep moving. We're bound to find our way out of the woods sooner or later. We'd better, since we're very REALLY scared!

Day 6 - Hungry. Cold. Tired. Don't feel like writing.

The journal ends here. Exact events of what happened after that are unknown, but photos from the recovered film are published here.

Damage Assessment: Recovered with no damage.
Conclusion: Draw your own conclusions.

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