The Chibi Project

Other Experiments of The Chibi Project

Expanding upon the noble purpose set forth by The Chibi Project's original tests, we moved on to experiment on other test subjects. It is our hope that the additional research from these other experiments will aid the world by providing useful information. At the very least, perhaps it will entertain you.

Burning Gundam

Burning Gundam Subject: Burning Gundam
Series: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Test Date: November 24, 2002

To see how well Burning Gundam lived up to its name, we figured the best test was also the most obvious test...burning. See for yourself how well this mech stood up to our test.

Beyblade Beystadium

Beyblade Beystadium Subject: Beyblade Beystadium
Series: Beyblade
Test Date: June 14, 2003

What genius came up with the idea of a show about spinning tops that fight? It's a pretty stupid concept if you ask us. We decided it was time for revenge, powered up the tops, and let it rip.

Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari Subject: Shinji Ikari
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Test Date: February 16, 2004

The main character of your typical fanboy's favorite anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Chibi Project is finally able to get revenge. What was the end of Evangelion? Find out for yourself with this test!


Pikachu Subject: Pikachu
Series: Pokémon
Test Date: April 9, 2004 (Live at Anime Boston 2004)

Kids love Pikachu, but lots of anime fans want to rip Pickchu's guts out with a circular saw. Hmmm...that sounds like it might be a good experiment for The Chibi Project. What's that? We did it already? Sweet! Pikachu, I choose you!


Chii Subject: Chii
Series: Chobits
Test Date: May 9, 2004

She has been the choice for hundreds of cosplayers. Thousands of people have watched the TV series and read the manga. Now she has been the star of her own Chibi Project experiment...and the most destructive one yet! Hold onto your pantsu!

Great Saiyaman

Great Saiyaman Subject: Great Saiyaman
Series: Dragonball Z
Test Date: September 18, 2004 (Live at Nan Desu Kan 2004)

The plot of Dragonball Z may drag on and on, but this test destroyed a Great Saiyaman figure while he was still powering up. The series that Chibi Project fans love to hate, we take on Dragonball Z!


Megaman Subject: Megaman
Series: Megaman NT
Test Date: April 29, 2005 (Live at Anime Boston 2005)

This test ended up being a rather historic milestone for The Chibi Project. Check out the experiment to see what happened.


Kuroneko Subject: Kuroneko
Series: Trigun
Test Date: July 10, 2005

Cats are always getting stuck in trees. What happens when you duct tape a cat to a tree? What happens when that tree happens to be in the path of one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit America's Gulf Coast in decades? Find out as we put Kuroneko to the test.

Megaman (revisited)

Megaman Subject: Megaman
Series: Megaman NT
Test Date: November 25, 2005

Although our blender experiment on Megaman was a tragic failure, we got our revenge through the use of firearms! You won't believe what happened, but he deserved what he got.

Geocaching Travel Bug

Megaman Subject: Chibi Moon
Series: Sailor Moon
Test Date: September 14, 2004 - February 6, 2006

We released a Chibi Moon into the wild as part of a worldwide adventure game known as "geocaching". People could take her and move her from place to place and hide her as part of a geocache for others to find. How far did she get? Check the experiment results to see her fate!