The Chibi Project

Test 4: Soldering Iron

Test Performed: Soldering Iron
Test Date: February 28, 1999
Special Conditions: None

Before For this test, we heated up a soldering iron in our lab. The soldering iron is usually used for electronic assembly. Its extreme temperature is used to melt metal solder used to connect electronic wires and circuits.

Chibi Moon was placed in position while the soldering iron was fully heated. Precise temperature measurements were not available since the soldering iron would have melted the thermometer.

It was determined that the focal point of the soldering iron would be the top of Chibi Moon's head. Her head is the largest part of her body and would provide more area for the soldering iron to come in contact with than her body or limbs.

During After the soldering iron was fully heated, it was slowly lowered into the part in her hair on top of her head. It began to melt away the plastic into a ring around the soldering iron's tip. This also caused some hazerdous fumes to be given off.

The soldering iron had a small bead of solder on the tip that rolled off and became lodged near her hair clip. It melted into place and is not easily removed.

After submerging the tip of the soldering iron and reaching a depth of approximately one inch, the soldering iron was removed from Chibi Moon's head. At this point, the test concluded and both the soldering iron and Chibi Moon were allowed to cool down.

Damage The soldering iron left an obvious cavity in Chibi Moon's head. This may have caused a loss in structural support. Further tests will evaluate this.

The image seen to the right has been enhanced with a small light aimed into the cavity. The dark spots are charred plastic which fell off the soldering iron and melted into the plastic inside the hole.

There is no damage to any other part of Chibi Moon's body.

Damage Assessment: Severe head trauma.
Conclusion: Chibi Moon is vulnerable to extreme heat

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