The Chibi Project

Pikachu vs. Circular Saw

Pikachu Subject: Pikachu
Series: Pokémon
Test Date: April 9, 2004


  • plush, vibrating Pikachu
  • piece of wood
  • duct tape
  • circular saw


Testing Procedure

Impending doom Preparations:

After filling the panel room for our Chibi Project panel and live experiment at Anime Boston 2003, we knew we had to return to Anime Boston 2004 and we had to do something impressive. We knew taking a circular saw to a vibrating, plush Pikachu that we picked up at the Christmas party would fit the bill.

We hoped hotel personnel wouldn't see us do this... Phase One:

We used duct tape on Pikachu's ears and feet to secure him to a piece of wood that was securely strapped to two chairs. The saw was plugged in and Anime Boston attendees in the front of the panel were asked to move back.

The stuffing rained down on the audience Phase Two:

The circular saw was designed to cut through a thin piece of wood, not three inches of plush Pikachu belly. Considerable downward force had to be applied to the circular saw in order to compress Pikachu enough so that the saw would come in contact with the wood.

As the saw advanced through the yellow Pokémon's body, white stuffing shot out into the audience and all over the stage and floor.

Pause to inspect the progress After one pass, Pikachu's guts had spilled out all over the stage and floor. The wooden board had only been partially cut.

A flash illuminates the carnage Phase Three:

The saw performed a second pass. It resulted in more carnage (illuminated by a flash in the photo to the right) but still did not slice through the wooden board.

Look at the fluff fly! Phase Four:

It didn't take long for the third pass to cut through what was left of the board. Very little stuffing was left in Pikachu at this point.'s what's for dinner Test Complete:

This is what's left of Pikachu after being sliced in two by a circular saw. Most of the stuffing was sent soaring into the audience (where audience members happily ran forth and collected it for themselves.) The stuffing that remains (and is visible in the photo to the right) is primarily the bits that got stuck to the duct tape.

Damage Assessment:

Pikachu is still recognizable, but he is in two parts. The vibration mechanism (which we avoided with the saw because it contains metal) still works.


Pikachu (and likely most Pokémon) can be severely harmed with a circular saw. However, it would be easier to use a PokéBall if one is available.

Additional Information

Look for video from this experiment in episode 14 of The Chibi Project Podcast.

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