The Chibi Project

Test 1: High Velocity Train

Test Performed: High Velocity Train
Test Date: February 15, 1999
Special Conditions: None

Before Our scientist placed Chibi Moon on her back on one of the rails of an MBTA Commuter Rail train. Her head was facing towards the inside of the track and the train would be arriving from her left. The scientist then positioned himself on a bridge above the tracks to observe.

Several minutes later, the MBTA Commuter Rail was within sight and racing down the tracks at a speed of approximately 55 mph. As the wheel of the engine came into contact with Chibi Moon, it was still travelling at approximately 55 mph. Due to debris blowing around (leaves, trash, etc) it was not possible to determine if Chibi Moon remained on the tracks or in which direction she was launched.

After After the train passed, all that remained on the rails was a pink smear of paint. Looking to recover a body before any arriving passengers departing from the train, our scientist walked down the platform. About 40 feet down the platform, Chibi Moon was spotted lying in the rocks next to the rails.

Chibi Moon survived. The nature of her injuries was not severe at all. There were some scrapes on her hair and rear of her boots. In fact, except for a couple new scrapes on the back right side of her head, most of it seemed to be only paint damage.

Damage Assessment: Very light damage, only a few scrapes.
Conclusion: Chibi Moon is more powerful than a locomotive.

Before Photos

Before (Front) Before (Back)

After Photos

After (Front) After (Back)