The Chibi Project

Megaman vs. Blender

Subject: Megaman
Series: Megaman NT
Test Date: April 29, 2005


  • Megaman action figure
  • Drink/smoothie/shake blender


Testing Procedure

Cheers! Preparations:

The Chibi Project's live experiments have become a welcome tradition at Anime Boston. We knew it would be hard to top the test we conducted on Pikachu at Anime Boston 2004, but we had an obligation to our fans to try.

For this experiment, we decided to take on Megaman.

Note the subjects of previous experiments Phase One:

The blender is unusual in that the blades are on the cap. Everything gets turned upside-down when you put it on the blender. When we put Megaman in the water upside-down, he was standing right-side-up when placed on the blender.

Note: The remains of Chibi Moon, the Beyblade Beystadium, Shinji Ikari, and Great Saiyaman are visible in the photo.

Giving it some juice The blender has three speed settings: low, high, and off. We started at the high setting.

Lots of bubbles as he spun As soon as the blender was turned on, Megaman began to spin. Unfortunately, one of his feet got jammed before making one revolution and he was stuck. The blender was no longer spinning.

Shake it up, baby! The blender was rocked back and forth quickly to attempt to dislodge Megaman from the blades. At this point, the blender was only making a buzzing noise. Changing the speed settings between low and high did not dislodge Megaman.

Shake it more! In a further attempt to dislodge Megaman, the entire blender assembly was shaken. He remained fixed in place.

Upside down Megaman was removed from the blender and re-inserted so that his head would face the blades. Unfortunately, the blender no longer spun and gave off a burning smell. The motor had been burned out.

We admit defeat. Test Complete:

This is the first time a Chibi Project has failed. Megaman was removed from the blender in one piece.

Damage Assessment:

Megaman suffered scratches to his ankles. The rest of Megaman escaped unharmed.


Megaman is very tough and can withstand the sharp blades of a blender.

Additional experimentation on Megaman is necessary.

Additional Information

Megaman can be seen in episode 23 of The Chibi Project Podcast.

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