The Chibi Project

Test 10: Electric Sawing

Test Performed: Electric Sawing
Test Date: June 10, 2001
Special Conditions: Secured in a wrench

This experiment was intended to test Chibi Moon's endurance to a powered saw blade.

It should be noted that since the last test, we cleaned off some of the grease from the grilling experiment. That's why the grease marks aren't visible in these photos.
Also, during Chibi Moon's trip to Arlington, VA for Katsucon 007, the burned piece of her hair from the hand sawing experiment fell off.

You saw the saw! The hand sawing experiment worked out so well that we wondered what would happen if we used some REAL power. For this test, we used a Rockwell electric jigsaw. The saw was fitted with a serrated blade intended for sawing through wood.

See Chibi get sawed... Chibi Moon was placed on the workbench but when the saw made contact with her crotch, she went flying. It was clear that she had to be secured down somehow.

What a little monkey! With the lab's vice grip out of commission since the unfortunate Pikachu incident (don't ask), we had to rely on one of our trusty old monkey wrenches to hold down the squirming Chibi Moon. Now that she was secured, the cut could be made.

The resulting damage is quite clear. Chibi Moon is now in two halves. There was a slight angle to the cut and the cut ended up coming through the back a little further toward Chibi Moon's right side than was originally planned. As a result, the left side is slightly larger.

As discovered in the original hand sawing experiment, Chibi Moon is a fleshy pink on the inside. A cross-section of the hole from the soldering iron experiment was also able to be seen.

No, that's not two Chibi Moons -- that's both halves of Chibi Moon facing each other! Chibi Moon and Chibiusa's split personality is more than skin deep.

Damage Assessment: Severe. Chibi Moon is now in two halves. She cannot stand on her own anymore.
Conclusion: Chibi Moon is highly vulnerable to electric saws.

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