The Chibi Project

Test 6: Impact

Test Performed: Impact
Test Date: May 7, 2000
Special Conditions: Placed on flat concrete

Before This experiment was intended to test the effects of repeated impacts to Chibi Moon. The tool used for this impact test was a common household hammer.

Chibi Moon was placed in position on concrete and the hammer was lined up. Upon first impact, Chibi Moon bounced and fell on her back.

For the second half of this test, Chibi Moon was hit repeatedly in the face and front of her body with the hammer. She bounced around a bit and got some scrapes on the back of her head and feet from the concrete, but there does not appear to be any damage to any other part of her body.

Damage Assessment: Minor scrapes.
Conclusion: Chibi Moon is invulnerable to repeated blows.

Before Photos

Before (Front) Before (Back)

After Photos

After (Front) After (Back)