The Chibi Project

Test 9: Fire

Test Performed: Fire
Test Date: January 23, 2001
Special Conditions: Water was kept within reach

This experiment was intended to test Chibi Moon's resistance to open flames.

Don't play with matches Sponsored by the CBC First off, we at The Chibi Project would like to mention that this test was sponsored by The Cambidge Brewing Company (even if they didn't know it) who provided the matches. If you're in the Boston area, be sure to visit The Cambridge Brewing Company for the finest pint this side of the Charles.

Like a moth to a flame...almost. Chibi Moon was placed on a metal plate to prevent the possibility of fire catching to anything else. A cup of water was kept within arm's reach in case of emergency. We at The Chibi Project pride ourselves on our safety record.

The plan here was to hold a flame under Chibi Moon and see what happens. Would she catch fire? Melt? Explode? We didn't know what to expect.

Smoking causes lung cancer. Burn, baby, burn! Here comes Dilandau... Flame was carefully applied to the section of her hair that had been cut in Test 7.

Hey, Chibi Moon is kinda HOT! Nothing left but a smoldering mess. Upon close examination, there didn't appear to be much damage. Her hair was blackened a bit, but other than that, she appeared we did it AGAIN!

This time the flame seemed to catch a bit. A small fire smoldered on Chibi Moon's hair for a few seconds before going out on its own.

We pride ourselves on our safety record. Matches were safely disposed of in a cup of water.

Rear Right Front Right After Chibi Moon had cooled a bit, we examined the damage. Most of it had been covered with ash, but it appears that some damage was caused.

Some parts of the hair seem to have bubbled out and the pink seems to have burned off. The part that is hanging off almost fell off and will hopefully survive until the next test is performed.

Damage Assessment: Severe. The section to which flame was applied has been deformed.
Conclusion: Chibi Moon is vulnerable to open flame.

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