The Chibi Project

Test 11: Hot Gluing

Test Performed: Hot Gluing
Test Date: July 2, 2001
Special Conditions: None

This experiment was intended to test Chibi Moon's endurance to high temperature hot glue.

The cardboard will protect that gorgeous wood floor After the previous experiment separated Chibi Moon into two pieces, we decided to test the opposite effect and see if she could be pieced back together. For this test, we used a high temperature glue stick in a Stanley hot glue gun.

You can find an assortment of similar hot glue guns on They also carry a variety of glue sticks.

Not quite hot enough Both halves of Chibi Moon were put in position and the glue gun was plugged in. Our researchers anxiously awaited the glue to reach the proper temperature before the bonding process could begin.

It looks like boogers! Once the glue reached optimum temperature, we placed a generous amount of glue on the inside of the left half of her body.

While the glue was still hot, both halves were rejoined. Unfortunately, our precise calculations as to the amount of glue to use seem to have been in error. A large excess of glue poured out the front and back of her body when the halves were pressed together. Also, both halves were quickly attached and could not be adjusted to line up better.

The halves seem to be stuck quite strongly, but this is mere speculation. The strength of the bond will need to be observed in future tests.

Damage Assessment: Previous damage reversed...sort of. Chibi Moon is one again, but there is a lot of excess hot glue.
Conclusion: Chibi Moon bonds well with hot glue.

Before Photos

Before (Front) Before (Back)

After Photos

After (Front) After (Back)

Note: Chibi Moon is standing on a dime in the "After" photos to help her stand. She is not attached to the dime.