The Chibi Project

Megaman vs. Firearms

Subject: Megaman
Series: Megaman NT
Test Date: November 25, 2005


  • Megaman action figure
  • Safety glasses and earplugs (SAFETY FIRST!)
  • Wood blocks
  • Plastic strap
  • Kimber Stainless 1911 (semi-auto pistol, .45 ACP)
  • Yugoslavian military M59/66 SKS (semi-auto rifle, 7.62x39mm Soviet)
  • Remington 870 Express Magnum, 26" barrel w/ imp. cyl. choke (pump shotgun, 12 gauge)
  • Winchester "white box" .45 ACP FMJ target ammo
  • Wolf 7.62x39mm Soviet FMJ ammo
  • Remington Express Magnum 12 gauge 00 buckshot shells
  • Federal Hi-Power #6 shotshell


(It might even be illegal depending on your location.)

Testing Procedure

y helo thar Preparations:

As our previous experiment demonstrated, Megaman is one tough bugger. For this experiment, we decided to pull out the big guns. Literally.

As can be seen here, Megaman suffered practically no damage from the previous blender test.

raht oleh y Megaman's back also shows no previous damage.

peace through superior firepower Due to the nature of this test, Megaman was delivered to the care of our Chibi Project scientist residing in Virginia. This experiment was conducted on an undeveloped 75 acre plot in a rural county in a southern part of the state.

The tests were to involve the usage of three types of firearms - handgun, rifle, and shotgun. The ammunition used was (left to right) .45 ACP FMJ, 7.62x39mm Soviet FMJ, 12 gauge 3" magnum 00 buckshot, and 12 gauge #6 shot. A quarter is included in front for comparison.

any last requests? As he is a wily one (har har) Megaman had to be restrained to a wooden block with a plastic strap to hold him steady.

Phase One:

The first test to be conducted was the handgun test. A Kimber Stainless 1911 was employed for this purpose. The 1911 was the US military's sidearm of choice for over 50 years, and who are we to argue with that? The Kimber pictured here has various improvements over J.M. Browning's original mil-spec design and is the regular carry weapon for the scientist carrying out this test.

an empty mind An attempt at a head shot led to the bullet grazing Mega Man's right temple. Though the wound was only superficial at the entry point, much of the rear of Megaman's head was removed by the force of the impact. The sword that made up his right forearm was also popped loose by the impact, but it was easily reattached before the next test. No further shots were taken with the 1911 in order to preserve Megaman enough for the followup tests.

As can be seen here, Megaman's head is almost entirely hollow.

all hail Simonov Phase Two:

The second test to be conducted was the rifle test. The rifle used for this test was a Yugoslavian military surplus M59/66 SKS. The SKS saw usage as the standard military rifle of the Soviets in the early part of the last century until the advent of the AK-47 after WWII, but the Simonov design has been employed by various nations throughout the 20th century. This particular rifle was manufactured in 1979. Sadly, neither the folding bayonet nor the attached grenade launcher were to be used in this test.

carpal tunnel A shot at the left arm nearly removed Megaman's hand. This was not nearly impressive enough for our scientist, so another shot was taken, this time at the right arm.

appendicitis The shot at the right arm missed slightly, hitting Megaman in the right torso. It did, however have the effect of removing the right arm as well as splitting his body into upper and lower parts. These two parts still had enough integrity to be reattached so he could be stood up for the following test, but the right arm was practically destroyed.

Megaman is shown pictured here after recovering the pieces that were thrown into the grass as a result of the force of impact. One of the pieces shown is a recovered section of head broken loose by the handgun test.

bam Phase Three:

The third test to be conducted was the shotgun test. The shotgun used was a Remington 870 Express Magnum pump 12 gauge. The attached barrel was 26" in length with an improved cylinder choke installed.

the one armed man did it Megaman's upper and lower halves were reattached and he was once again stood in front of the wooden block. The strap was no longer usable, having been hit by the last rifle shot.

I fall to pieces As it became apparent from the result of the first shot, improved cylinder was not the best choice to use for firing buckshot. An improved cylinder choke causes the shot to spread in a wide pattern, and of the 15 pieces of shot contained in the 00 buckshot shell only two appeared to have hit their target. The only serious damage was the destruction of his remaining arm. Megaman's upper and lower body were once again separated, and more of his head was broken loose.

shooting an unarmed man Megaman stands up once again after having his body halves reattached. Note the size of the wooden block - much of the original block splintered apart after being hit with buckshot.

The second shot with buckshot would be done much closer to compensate for the wide shot pattern.

these boots were made for walking The second shot was taken, and much of Megaman shattered into tiny pieces. The only relatively intact pieces left are shown here, including the sword which had been omitted from the last test shot due to the missing right arm. As this result did not satisfy our scientist, one final shot was taken at these remaining parts with a #6 shotshell.

About 20 minutes were taken after this in a search effort in order to recover as many pieces as possible. Some pieces were found several yards away from the target site. None of Megaman's face was recovered, and much of the sword was lost.

Megaman is no T-1000 Damage Assessment:

Megaman was utterly destroyed. Less than 50% of his body could be recovered from the test site by the scientist administering the tests. The recovered parts, a few pieces of recovered buckshot, and the expended .45 bullet found lodged in the wooden block are pictured to the right.


Megaman can partially survive both pistol and rifle damage, but he is no match for a shotgun at close range.

Additional Information

Megaman can be seen in episode 23 of The Chibi Project Podcast.

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