The Chibi Project

Test 14: Washing Machine

Test Performed: Washing Machine
Test Date: June 6, 2002
Special Conditions: None
Objective: To test Chibi Moon's endurance to the hot water, liquid detergent, and churning motion found in a washing machine. ...and to clean the soot off from the previous experiment.

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Our trusty Maytag After our most destructive test yet, Chibi Moon was severely damaged and covered in soot. She smelled bad too. Because she was filthy, we kept her in a plastic baggie and would only take her out for photos. She really needed a bath.
...but would you expect us to give her a normal bath? Of course not!

Chibi Moon has a history of standing up to the most extreme conditions (she was run over by the commuter rail!) so we couldn't trust just any washing machine. We went with one of the legendary Maytag machines. Besides, if Chibi Moon broke the machine, we knew the Maytag repairman would run to our aid.

Water pours into the machine To begin the test, we selected a small load, hot water, and fast cycle. We let the machine fill up empty first.

Once the machine had been filled with enough hot water for the "small" load, it was time to begin the test.

'He slimed me.' The detergent chosen for this test was liquid Tide with "color safe bleach". It keeps our whites whiter and our brights brighter...I guess. At least it has been successful in removing the blood from our lab coats and the lipstick kiss marks from our Chibi Project T-shirts.

Half a cup of liquid detergent was poured directly on Chibi Moon's face.

Time to go swimming! All soaped up and ready to go, Chibi Moon was dropped into the hot water. With nothing holding her two halves together, they separated and fell to different parts of the washing machine's drum. (Note that the little hair piece from the hand sawing experiment and the fire experiment was not dropped in the machine. It was too small and would have fallen through the holes in the drum.)

Don't you hate seeing people make bubbles in the pool? The lid was closed and the machine began to run. We peeked in during the wash cycle to see lots of suds with Chibi Moon somewhere under all that. Following that, she endured the rinse and spin cycles. Upon removal, she might have looked dizzy...if she still had a face.

The washing machine removed all the soot that had been covering Chibi Moon for six months. She could once again be safely handled by bare hands.

Since the plastic baggie was no longer necessary, we have returned to the method of putting a twist-tie around her waist to hold her two main body pieces together during this summer's convention visits.

Damage Assessment: None, but she's "squeaky clean" now. Without the soot, the full damage of the rocket experiment is evident.
Conclusion: Chibi Moon can withstand the hot water cycle of a washing machine.

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