The Chibi Project

Test 8: Grilling

Test Performed: Grilling
Test Date: January 23, 2001
Special Conditions: Grill was pre-heated

Before This experiment was intended to test Chibi Moon's resistance to grilling on a hot surface.

In the kitchen of The Chibi Project's testing laboratory, there is a George Foreman "Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine". It seemed like it would make the perfect testing device for Chibi Moon.

Oh, that's just gross! We left the surface dirty since it would add to the "flavor" of the to speak.

It's the George Foreman tanning machine! After cooking up a meal, Chibi Moon was placed on the hot surface. Her head was placed on the closer end and she was face-up.

Hot Chibi sandwiches anyone? The top of the grill was closed and we were able to observe the process by looking in the front. (A flash was used in this photo, which is why it looks washed-out.)

Chibi-poop? Chibi Moon was grilled for about one minute. (Chicken takes about 3 minutes to cook on this grill.) When the cover was lifted, some pink residue was stuck to the top grill.

When Chibi Moon was removed from the grill, our scientist observed that her hair and skirt had been melted. Her right bangs had melted flat, while her left side had a rounded grill mark pressed into her head. The residue left on the top grill was from her head.
Her skirt did not leave any residue, but it had been pressed flat.

On her back side, her left heel was covered in grease but it was not damaged. The pigtails in Chibi Moon's hair now had grill marks and grease on them.

Damage Assessment: Grill marks melted into her tender pink flesh.
Conclusion: Chibi Moon is somewhat vulnerable to grilling.

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