The Chibi Project

Great Saiyaman vs. Dremel Tool

Great Saiyaman Subject: Great Saiyaman
Series: Dragonball Z
Test Date: September 18, 2004



Testing Procedure

Hold still... Preparations:

Having heard about our live experiments at Anime Boston, The Chibi Project was invited to Nan Desu Kan 2004 to run Whose Line is it Anime? and conduct a live Chibi Project experiment.

Fans of The Chibi Project had been asking for us to take on Dragonball Z for a while. This seemed like a good time.

Notice Chibi Moon in the background Phase One:

A fan from the audience videotaped the experiment while PatrickD started cutting. The first cut was in the crotch area moving up to the chest.

The black cylinder is a microphone The first piece to come off was part of the green costume around his waist. With the front cut through completely, it just fell off.

From there, cuts were made into his chest.

He didn't need BOTH legs, did he? Cutting into the chest wasn't doing much. Moving the Dremel back to the crotch, it didn't take long for the leg to come off.

Our new weight loss program - cut those pounds right out With one leg missing, his waist was the next target. Made with rather thick plastic, it took a bit of effort but eventually loosened up and fell off.

This was a pain in the neck The audience cheered as each limb came off. With time for the panel running short and the Dremel battery running low, it was time to wrap this up. The grand finale was his neck. Just a quick slice and his head popped off and rolled around on the table.

Roly poly DBZ heads, eat them up, yum Test Complete:

With the head falling to the table, the test was over. The fan who videotaped this experiment grabbed the green waist piece and returned to the audience. The extra heads and dragonballs that were included with the figure were tossed into the audience. The Chibi Project has kept all other pieces to display at future convention appearances.'s what's for dinner Damage Assessment:

Great Saiyaman's arms are still intact, but his other limbs are no longer attached to his body.


Although quite durable, a few passes with a Dremel tool will make Great Saiyaman fall to pieces.

Additional Information

Great Saiyaman can be seen in episode 18 of The Chibi Project Podcast.

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