The Chibi Project

  1. Who are you guys?
    Bored anime fans. You can find our profiles on the About Us page.

  2. Why do you hate Chibi Moon so much?
    Look at her! She's all pink and...well...just look at her! As much as we may have enjoyed Sailor Moon, Chibiusa (aka Chibi Moon, Mini Moon, and Rini) is actually quite obnoxious. So we squashed her like a little bug.

  3. So why did you take out your hatred on a toy?
    Because it was there.

  4. Why did The Chibi Project end?
    We explain this in Part 1 of our Chibi Project Finale episode. We suggest you watch it. It's sad and there's some tragic news, so you should get a box of tissues first.

    TL;TR: Lizz died from stomach cancer in December 2015. We've found it hard to be motivated to continue our experiments and the podcast without her because they're a constant reminder of how she was taken from us.
    Also, in 2013, PatrickD moved to California, over 3,000 miles away from Jekka. That made it really hard to collaborate on experiments.
    Finally, a large part of the motivation we had was having lots of fans cheering us on. Over the years, since performing and posting new experiments has become so infrequent, the fandom has fallen away. (We realize this is our own fault for not posting frequently and doing crazy new stuff on a regular basis. We do not blame our fans in any way!) At San Japan in 2015, there were only a handful of people left in the giant room by the end of the panel. That was a big reality check...and also made us realize that naming the panel "The Chibi Project" instead of something like "Crazy Toy Destruction" was a really bad idea.

  5. Wait, what?! Stomach cancer?!
    Yes. Fuck cancer!
    The Chibi Project is a supporter of No Stomach for Cancer. Consider making a donation today to support research and unite the caring power of people worldwide affected by stomach cancer.
    The colors at the top of The Chibi Project's web site are periwinkle (the color designated for stomach cancer awareness) and teal (the color that first inspired the mission of No Stomach for Cancer).

  6. I've got an idea! Why don't you take Chibi Moon and ___?
    Boil her in oil? Feed her to a dog? Drop her in acid? Throw her from a plane? We've heard it all before. Really. ...but, as we said above, we're no longer doing experiments. Sorry.

  7. What conventions will you be going to?
    We list conventions where we'll be making appearances on the Appearances page. You can find where PatrickD and Jekka are making convention guest appearances listed on their bio pages on If we're not headed to your favorite convention, tell the staff to invite us!

  8. Can I meet or touch the Chibi Moon there?
    Sorry, but we no longer do appearances as "The Chibi Project", so our Chibi Moon figures won't be coming with us to the con.

  9. I'm organizing a convention. Can you guys come as guests (with Chibi Moon) and host a panel?
    We no longer make appearances as "The Chibi Project" at conventions, but we do still go to conventions to talk about other stuff and run other events. If you would like to see us at yours, check our special FAQ for Conventions.

  10. Where did you get a DeLorean?
    NeoAlus owned it. No, it didn't travel through time since there was no flux capacitor in it. We haven't seen one that actually works come up on eBay yet.

  11. How can I donate toys?
    The Chibi Project has ended. We are no longer taking donations.

  12. Since The Chibi Project has ended, what are you guys gonna do?
    We have a five-step plan:
    1. Make waffles.
    2. Smother the waffles in maple syrup.
    3. Eat the waffles.
    4. Put the dishes in the sink.
    5. Sleep.

  13. You suck and I hope you all die.
    That's not a question, dumbass.