The Chibi Project

Show Notes

The Chibi Project episode 7:

Drop Test

Running Time: 7:26
Hosted by: PatrickD and Jekka
Recorded: August 25, 2007
Posted: October 3, 2007

Almost as long as The Chibi Project has been around, people have been asking us to "drop her from a building", "drop her from 50 feet in the sky", or "drop her from [insert high place here]!" We've been fairly reluctant to do a drop test since we prefer the more elaborate tests, but when the opportunity to drop toys from the top of Dragon's Descent at Funtown Splashtown U.S.A. came around, we couldn't pass that up. For this experiment, Bill, the head of maintenance at Funtown, went up 200 feet to the top of Dragon's Descent during his daily 7:00 am maintenance and safety check. While he was up there, he dropped a Chibi Moon doll, EVA Unit 01, and Psyduck. It all happened so fast! However, one of those dropped survived to be tested another day. Watch the episode to find out who.

Also, please keep in mind that temperatures were in the 90's and it was incredibly humid. If we don't look our best, that would be why.

Music in this episode:
"axl k" by K.T.F. Terison -