The Chibi Project

Kuroneko / Hurricane Dennis

Show Notes

The Chibi Project episode 13:

Kuroneko / Hurricane Dennis

Running Time: 11:32
Hosted by: PatrickD and Jekka
Recorded: July 10, 2005
Posted: July 23, 2008

After hurricanes began ramming up against one of The Chibi Project's team members on a regular basis in 2004, The Chibi Project staff began to discuss subjecting Chibi Moon to a hurricane test. Unfortunately, the short notice on which most hurricanes arrive made it difficult to mail the Chibi Moon figure in time. Ultimately, we decided to improvise with another figure.

Six hours before Hurricane Dennis was expected to make landfall, we found a Kuroneko figurine. Kuroneko, the annoying "Where's Waldo" character from Trigun, seemed like a perfect test subject. Let's face it -- who hasn't wanted to punt a cat at some point in their lives? So, armed with duct tape, we went outside and strapped the bastard to a tree branch.

A few hours later, Hurricane Dennis began pummeling the yard with 110 MPH winds and driving rain. Branches, fence parts, and small rodents were also airborne during this time.

By nightfall, the hurricane had died down to the level of a "normal" rainstorm. We ventured outside to discover that while some duct tape had survived, Kuroneko was long gone. Searches of the neighborhood -- conducted with the help of the children living nearby -- yielded no sign of the cat.

Music in this episode:
"axl k" and "best ever" by K.T.F. Terison -